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I'm sitting on a conference call on a typical Tuesday. It's 3pm and an intense lunch-coma has set in. The talking coming from my speaker phone is starting to drift into a rolling drone of incoherent voices. Just as my head starts to nod southward to the desk, Maggie bursts into my office with this purple blob hanging limp in her mouth. Loud, mostly obnoxious squeeking blasts out as she squeezes her favorite toy. She drops it at my feet and starts to bark. Before I can press the mute button, a loud chorus of laughter breaks out from everyone on the call. Ah, the blessings and (at the same time) the hazards of working from home. 


I've been working in IT for over 15 years, about half of that time from the comfortable confines of home.  After a while you start to get used to the flexibility it provides, regardless of the hours you put in. For nstance, here it is 9:30pm on a Friday and I just wrapped up work for the day, but, earlier I took the time to put up my Christmas decorations and cook dinner for the family. Yesterday, I took my lunch hour to play FallOut 4. The day before, I went out to lunch with my daughter. Sprinkle in the occasional day-time run to the hardware store or mowing the backyard, and you discover what it's like on the cutting edge of work-life balance in the 21st Century.

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